KlompChing Gallery, Brooklyn


I first met Debra Klomp-Ching and Darren Ching in 2006 at the much missed Rhubard Rhubarb portfolio review in Birmingham. KlompChing Gallery opened in 2007 with Simon Roberts’ exhibition ‘Motherland’  and is owned and run by Debra Klomp-Ching and Darren Ching, the former UK based curator (Arts Councl of England, Pavilion – Leeds) and Darren Ching, creative director at Photo District News. It is a pristine private gallery based in the Dumbo Arts Centre, which houses a multitude of other galleries, co-ops, Not for Profit, and Commercial spaces, as well as the Brooklyn Arts Council. Dumbo is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

Dumbo Arts Quarter

KlompChing is a gallery driven by a commitment to the exhibition and collecting of contemporary fine art photographs. They are passionate about the work the new talent they embrace as well as the established work they represent, and all of the artists they do take on are selected for the strength of the image itself – work that ‘demonstrates creative integrity and intent, originality, narrative and aesthetic challenges and the highest level of craftsmanship’.

Brooklyn to Manhattan

A recent write up describes the gallery as ‘dynamic’ and this is amplified by a handout which gives thumbnails of the artists represented including Roberts, and fellow Brit Tessa Bunney and Welsh photographer Helen Sear, newcomers such as Cornelia Hediger whose work is on show in the gallery, and striking work by Vojtech V Slama. Hediger’s work is titled ‘Doppelgänger II’ and is a new series of photographs which explore the ‘uncanny, constructing complex pictorial narratives into segmented tableau vivants, consisting of up to eighteen individual photographs combined into a single composition’. The gallery is funded solely through the sale of artists work.

Cornelia Hediger from the series 'Doppleganger II'

Debra Klomp-Ching

Debra also undertakes consultancy work in areas such as building up a collection and on organisational development. She offers to broker some introductions to other curators/galleries in order to extend the connections.

Along the corridor is another private gallery and publishing house, Umbrage, who exhbition by Tim Hetherington ‘Liberia: Long Story Bit by Bit’ which explores the dynamics of power in that country.


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