The Kitchen, NY


The Kitchen, New York

The Kitchen is one of New York’s most famous interdisciplinary art institutions driven by a commitment to experimental work and the support for the early and mid-career development of the current artistic generation. On show in their space in the ‘hub’ of Chelsea’s art galleries are two exhibitions, one by Jennie C. Jones from Brooklyn and the other by Joe Winter, based in Long Island. Also available on a computer is a fascinating collection of video art works and documentation covering the 40 years of The Kitchen’s history featuring some of the most influential artists in America – John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Lucinda Childs, Bill T. Jones, Philip Glass, Christian Marclay, Robert Longo, Pauline Oliveros, Meredith Monk, David Byrne and The Talking Heads, among many others. Their aim is to make their archive accessible on the internet and through that process restore tapes that are most at risk of deterioration. A screening of some of this work wouldn’t go amiss in Glasgow, though the online presence will to some degree fill that gap.

The Kitchen installation view

Some of the audio archive has already been curatorially re-presented and a number of these are available to buy. ‘New Music New York’ is the first CD in ‘from the Kitchen Archives’ series featuring some of the performances from 1979 – Philip Glass, Monk, George Lewis, Phil Niblock, Tony Conrad, Nyman and Reich, amonst others. The most recent CD is ‘Pianos in the Kitchen’ with Harold Budd, Anthony Davis and some of their well known names like Glass, Monk and Palestine. These two productions encapsulate the pioneering position that the organization has had, as well as being a fine panorama of new music.

'New Work New York' 1979, and 'Pianos in The Kitchen' from 1976-1983

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