2011 Nida Photography Seminar: Part 2 by Keith Ingham

Wednesday 14 September:

The ex-hurricane Katea has left Glasgow and reached Nida today. Wind and rain. Later today I will loose my hat.

In among the lectures, including the ubiquitous Aleksandras Macijanskas [New photography – cheap fast food restaurant?] and David Drake’s [Ffotogallery, Cardiff] effortlessly fascinating exposition on Photography in Wales, I find Agne Narusyte [Monday’s lecture] and she offers to show me the Nida Art Colony. She spent 4 months here writing a book provocatively entitled “The Aesthetics of Boredom” and found it a wonderful retreat. It is one of StreetLevels aspirations for collaborations and exchanges.

Situated among the gigantic, forested dunes that that form the sand spit on which Nida is located, the Colony is in an elegant, contemporary and brand new building alongside an old warehouse which provides a big space that can be less pristine and orderly, compared to the meticulous white of the interior of the new building, which was gifted by the EEA and Norway.

The Colony, part of the Vilnius Academy of Art, provides short courses for Academy students and residencies for artists from Lithuania and overseas.


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